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Found on Pinterest #1

Pinterest is the bible. Here what is to be found this week.

Amazing material, aerial and easy to DIY it add a touch of nature in your living room.

Ikea has started a new line in 2019 full of rattan, so help yourself !

Why not try it home ? Flea Markets and charity shops (British heart foundation for example) have plenty of old posters. Always choose one with neutral colors to be able to display it everywhere and if you wishes to add up some colors in your living room, picks up a new very modern and colorful frame. Easier to change it than to find a new poster !

Mirror is the key piece in a room. Focal point, it help to create a natural and warm light, as well as create the sensation of a bigger space.

And as summer is coming (eventually), let's invest in a large mirror to enjoy even more delightful sunset's lights.

Some can be found here

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