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How to create your summer living room ?

It is winter. It is cold outside. Your lips are dry. You cannot feel your hands. Nor your nose. You just want to hurry home, be cosy in your pyjama with a cup of tea in a warm, wool blanket. Your interior is ready for it. You enjoy it. 

But suddenly, it is summer. It is hot outside. And your interior is still wearing his winter coat. « Oh, I’ll just open the windows and drink an ice latte. It will be fine. » But even. It is not fine.

So here a few clue to help you design your summer interior :

Let the sunshine in 

Drop off those velvety curtains and enjoy the sunshine. You can replace them by using some « linen », « cotton », « sheer » one, which give an airy feeling.

Open up the space 

If, like me, you enjoy the winter cocooning sensation, it is not fit for a summer time. So, turn / moves / empty / change  the furnitures in order to let the air in.

The sun will fill up the room. Believe me

Opt for clearer colors

White / beige / powder blue or pink / yellow are the perfect color for a summer in harmony in your living room. Just grab a few cushion cover or change a lamp shade

Declutter your living room with corner art pictures

Declutter your interior 

For the same reason as above, it is time to declutter. Move the « wintery » material into a box that you will open with your next Christmas decoration’s one. 

Make your plants central 

They are blossoming, expanding, living, enjoying … let them breath. And also, it make your interior look more alive than never and it bring a touch of much needed nature ! 

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