• Hazel

How to do ... a cosy dorm style room

If you are hosting your large family during holidays or opening your own cottage bed&breakfast, don't look further than the new trend "Dorm style room".

Economic and contemporary, it gives to your attic or spare bedroom a new dimension and allow everyone to sleep at yours.

And the first key element is : delimited space

The attic is always the best place to start creating a spare bedroom.

With the slanted ceilings, you can let your imagine go and create this cosy bedroom where everybody will find their own privacy.

DIY tutorial can be found here

Don't forget to add a plug and a small area for a lamp / book shelf as many people like to scroll down or read a book before sleeping !

Second key element is : Privacy

Your dorm style room doesn't have to be synonym of "no privacy backpacker hostel". Nowadays you can do much with very little, and create amazing design with only the good material.

Third key element : the good materials

Always prefer organic cotton, velvet or linen as it will last and give this cosy touch to every interior and, for the same reasons, while building, prefer the natural material such as wood, stone or jute.

And as always, you can found more ideas here