• Hazel

The art of returning home

For some time now, when I'm leaving work, I'm thrilled to go back home. I mean, really delighted at the perspective to be in my own house.

Not that the prospect was unpleasant to me before, but to be at home, was mostly a desire not to be at work more than to be at home.

And one day, I asked myself: When did my home, my nest, became a simple transitional place between two activities? Between sleep and work ? Between weekday and week-end ? between drinks with friends and dinner time ?

You need to cherish the desire to love your environment, your candles, your sofa, the pictures of your family and the dirt on the edge of the sink.

You have to give yourself the right to love being at home. And to live this love as one lives a relationship, receiving but essentially giving.

So sit down for a while with a tea, some music you love (or in silence) and look at a details of our environment ? Why did I bring back this specific souvenir from my last trip ? How does the lamp make my apartment feel warmer ? what book am I going to pick up next ? Or simply, breath in and out, closing your eyes and smelling the nice smell of your home, hearing the distant meowing of the cat or the laugh of the children.

"And when you act from moment to moment, in full awareness, by observing with attention, your intelligence sharpens, you start to be luminous, to shine " ... and to love being home.

And those who sharing it with you.

Your home is your castle. Cherish it.